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Throughout the years, Bumrungrad International has been receiving very positive feedback from several sources. Read some of our comments or watch video presentation from broadcasters below.
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International media

Bumrungrad is regularly featured by newspapers, magazines, and broadcasters all over the world. Here are some recent stories:

CNN's Inside Man
Current Affair, Channel 9, Autralian TV
  • Aussie patient jumps to the hospital queue overseas
Canadian Medical Assoc Journal
Mayo Alumni
Shinadzu Magazine Momentum (volume 1)
Patient Beyond Borders
Men's journal



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Explore the high quality, affordable healthcare and five star facilities at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad serves over a million patients annually. Over 520,000 are internationals. They include thousands of expatriates who live in Bangkok and nearby countries, plus visitors from 190 countries around the world who come here for treatment.




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