Children of Short Stature

Short stature in children may have several causes, such as a growth hormone deficiency, thyroid deficiency, hereditary short stature, or delayed puberty.

Growth Rates By Age Group

Age group

Growth rate per year

Newborn- 1 year

1 – 2 year

25 cm/ year

10 cm/ year

2-4 years

5.5-9cm / year

4-6 years

5 – 8.5 cm / year

6 years to puberty - Girls

4.5-6.5 cm / year

4 -6 cm/year

Adolescence – Growth spurt

8- 14 cm / year

When Should Parents Take Their Child to Visit the Doctor?

If parents notice that their child is abnormally small or short, grows slowly, or has an average height increase per year that is lower than the standard average, it is recommended they take their child to see the doctor.


Nurturing a Child to Promote Proper Growth

The doctor will look at the child’s daily routine and eating habits to identify possible causes of stunted growth. Once the causes are diagnosed, the doctor will offer advice on the following:

  • Appropriate child nutrition, so that parents can foster and encourage their children to eat healthy food that is essential to growth – and in suitable quantities.
  • Allocating the appropriate amount of time for a child’s daily routines:

1. Enough hours of sleep each day to balance hormones and stimulate growth

2. Enough time for exercise to promote growth and good health

  • Caring for a child with love and affection is fundamental in promoting good mental health and development.

Treatment of Short Stature Due to Growth Hormone Deficiency

At present, growth hormone therapy includes the following:

  • Growth hormone injection

There are no oral applications of the growth hormone treatment, as proteins are broken down in the digestive tract making them ineffective.


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