Bumrungrad Joint Replacement Center

Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand provides joint replacement surgery performed by a team of physicians and medical specialists using the most modern medical tools and technologies. We place great emphasis on providing world class standards of care at every stage of the treatment process, from patient registration to following up on post-procedure results. This commitment enables us to meet our most important goal of patient satisfaction by first ensuring patient safety and then meeting each patient’s post-surgery expectations in terms of a speedy recovery, minimal post-op pain, improved knee function, the ability to return to most of their normal activities, and the freedom to enjoy their lives fully again.

Types of Joint Replacement Surgery 

Knee Replacement Surgery: Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
Knee Replacement Surgery: Partial Knee Arthroplasty (PKA)
Hip Replacement Surgery: Total Hip Replacement Surgery (THR)

Joint Replacement Technology

Computer-assisted surgery (computer navigation)

With surgical navigation technology, a surgeon uses a wireless tracker to send information about the precise individual anatomy of the patient’s knee to the computer system through real-time data processing which enables the surgeon to make immediate evaluations during surgery.

Advantages of Joint Replacement with Computer Navigation

  • Prevent or reduce improper joint alignment and allow more precise placement than with standard instrumentation
  • Enable surgeons to evaluate the precision of the placement at the time of the surgery thus extending the longevity of the replacement joint
  • Achieve an accurate soft tissue balance at the time of the surgery thus improving post-operative knee functionality
  • Enable the placement of the implant through a small incision, thus reducing post-operative pain and speeding up the recovery process


Robotic Arm Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

In performing joint replacement surgery, Bumrungrad International Hospital utilizes MAKOplasty®, which is joint replacement surgery assisted by a robotic arm. We have the technology and knowhow to use this system for both knee and hip replacement surgeries.
Combining the efficiency of this technology with the expertise and experience of our specialist team of doctors, robotic arm assisted surgery allows the surgeon to place the artificial joint with greater precision. This lengthens the usage lifespan of the artificial joint.

Advantages of Joint Replacement with a Robotic Arm

  • Precise artificial joint placement results in less soft tissue trauma and minimal bone resection.
  • Artificial knee and hip joints last longer than when implanted with other techniques.
  • The patient is generally able to return home quickly, with as little as one day but no more than three days of hospital recovery time needed.
  • In knee replacement surgery, the patient will be able to move their knee naturally since the tendons at the front and behind the knees as well as the surrounding cartilage are not affected during the procedure.
  • By performing surgery through the small incision of the minimally invasive surgical technique, the robotic arm enables the surgeon to remove and shave off only the necessary parts of the bone, thus reducing pain and speeding up the recovery process. 

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique

  • Smaller incision than with conventional surgery results in less soft tissue trauma and less scarring
  • Less pain when compared with traditional joint replacement methods
  • Patient generally able to walk within 24 hours after surgery
  • Increased patient safety through less blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery

Care of Patients

Bumrungrad International Hospital recognizes the importance of maintaining the quality of life of patients after any medical procedure. To this end, we provide our patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery with international-standard attention during every step of the process. Our teams of expert doctors and medical personnel have received specialized training in caring for patients receiving joint replacement surgery.
  • Patients attend a pre-operative class to fully understand the treatment process before, during and after the procedure. Patients are also advised on their post-operative behavior, with these recommendations tailored to correspond to each patient’s daily life and routine activities.
  • Patients are placed under general anesthesia that does not contain morphine, when possible, to reduce the risk of any possible adverse effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, which in turn allows faster recovery after surgery.
  • We take every effort to prevent any adverse effects from the surgery, such as thrombosis and infection.
  • In choosing medical tools and equipment, safety is our priority. For example, our surgeons’ operating gowns are designed to prevent infection.
  • Our rehabilitation medicine specialists and physical therapists provide recommendations regarding self-care as well as physical therapy and rehabilitative activities that meet the same standards.
  • We conduct ongoing and periodical follow-ups on the results of the surgery.
  • We provide patients with useful information on various topics, such as osteoarthritis, the surgical procedure, and post-operative self-care through brochures and DVDs.

Cooperation of the Dorr Arthritis Institute, USA

Bumrungrad International Hospital has agreed to cooperate academically with Dr. Lawrence D. Dorr, an expert of joint replacement surgery and the developer of robotic arm assisted surgery, as well as the founder of the Dorr Arthritis Institute in the United States of America. This collaboration allows us to exchange knowledge regarding joint replacement surgery so that we can continue to develop better methods for the treatment of our patients into the future.
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