Here’s a Story Worth Sharing

I recently visited Bumrungrad International Hospital for approximately one week, and I am writing to you for the express purpose of stating my unequivocal satisfaction with the experience. I am a traditional patient of the US health care system although my family and I currently reside in France, where we use the American Hospital in Paris. Therefore, we have a good sense of quality health care offerings.

What stood out first at Bumrungrad were the people. From a “big picture” perspective, I was comforted by being in good hands. Before coming here, I was in the process of scheduling cataract surgery in Paris, which took nearly two months from diagnosis to just scheduling the measurement of the eye lens. After speaking with your Medical Coordination Office, I flew to Thailand and with virtually no wait I had my eyes checked, cataracts removed, as well as all of the following: full physical work-up, colonoscopy, EKG, Vitality and Aging work up, complete cardio look and a sleep apnea consultation. I have never seen so much medical technology employed anywhere in the world. All of this was done almost instantaneously, with virtually no wait time to schedule these appointments. Time is very precious, so not having to wait is very important to me. 
The environment at Bumrungrad promotes a feeling of relaxation, while the serious professionalism allows a patient to feel at home while asking the tough questions. As a bonus, the smiles of the general staff makes the day quite pleasant and comforting.

Finally, for me to take the time write a review of a medical visit is extraordinary. Hospitals and clinics are places you want to move through as quickly as possible. But in my case, the Bumrungrad visit was such that I feel I got the hard answers, as well as the comfort necessary to leave and promote healthy living. And that's a story worth sharing.

For that I want to thank all of your staff, and wish you continued success. 

Warm regards,
Michael B., MGB Partners, Paris