Urology Center

Bumrungrad's Urology Center in Bangkok, Thailand devotes itself to helping you with rapid, accurate diagnosis and immediate, effective treatment for a wide range of urological and genital problems for both males and females.

We focus on non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments so that we can give you the best possible results with the minimum amount of discomfort.

Prostate Care

Over half of all men are affected by prostate problems at some point in their lives, with illnesses ranging from enlarged prostate to prostatitis to prostate cancer. All of these disorders can be uncomfortable, painful and even life threatening. With a wide range of treatment options to cover all stages of disease, our urologists bring you relief using drug therapy, minimally invasive laser treatment and surgery.

Kidney Stones

Multiple options for a painful problem: A common disorder, kidney stones are now easier to diagnose and treat. Drug therapy, non-invasive shockwave lithotripsy. endoscopic and percutaneous removal are among the many options available at Bumrungrad International.

Bladder Cancer and Bladder Disorders

Hi-tech diagnosis: Using MRI or CT imaging, non-invasive scans help identify the scope of the problem. Cystoscopy provides more detailed analysis through real time visualization of the urinary system and tissue sampling for lab testing.

Targeted treatment: Our Urology Center possesses the expertise to perform radical cystectomy with a neobladder system, carefully removing the diseased bladder and creating a new one to restore normal bladder function. Our surgeons are also skilled in transurethral resection, which removes abnormal tissue from the bladder or prostate.

Urinary Incontinence

A common problem affecting both men and women. Diagnosis techniques at the Urology Center include urodynamic analysis (to measure pressure, flow and volume of urine as it leaves your bladder) and radiographic analysis to view the bladder and urinary system using x-rays. Treatment follows to improve bladder control and help regain confidence.


Our expert surgeons correct deformities or obstructions caused by injury, cancer or congenital defects. Restoring functionality to the urogenital system as naturally as possible is always the goal.


Infections of the urinary tract or sexual organs can be painful and have serious side effects. The Urology Center provides accurate diagnosis and effective, targeted treatment.

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